Alternative Hip-Hop, Electronica & Hindi Lyricism Combine On Chaar Diwaari's 'TERI MAIYAT KE GAANE'

Alternative Hip-Hop, Electronica & Hindi Lyricism Combine On Chaar Diwaari's 'TERI MAIYAT KE GAANE'

22 December 2022

There is a growing crop of singer-producers mixing the dramatic melodic lyricism of Hindi songs with off-beat electronica. While going back further, the trend's rise in prominence within the indie music space of India and the addition of flippant quirkiness can arguably be traced to 'Jaago', Lifafa's album from 2019 – the same year desi hip-hop reached its zenith. All these influences seem to come together to inform the rising popularity of artists like Nanku (erstwhile known as udbhav who has since aligned with more mainstream acts like Yo Yo Honey Singh) and, now, his one-time collaborator Chaar Diwaari.

Chaar Diwaari aka Garv Taneja has seen a meteoric rise in just over a year of releases off the back of an intentional flippant forgoing of polish for low-budget rawness and the irreverent edge of modern-day internet humour – the defining quality of both his lyrics and music videos.

The New Delhi artist dials it up and mixes it with the gritty gnarliness of alternative hip-hop, reminiscent of the likes of Travis Scott, on his latest EP 'TERI MAIYAT KE GAANE', which features guest appearances from MC Kode, Yashraj and Arpit Bala. The 4-track release, unfortunately, strays away from the slight emotional relatability of Taneja's earlier releases like 'Rang' and amps up the irreverence to an off-putting level. On the flipside, it acquires greater adventurism in its production with distorting low-end and drastic structures – ultimately, doing more to add variety to Chaar Diwaari's undeniably continuing ascent.

The 20-year-old artist explains, reasoning the compositions' untamed structures: "Creating 'TMKG' was like therapy to me. I explored themes of anger, rage, frustration and delusion [...] 'TERI MAIYAT KE GAANE' is a rage-fueled trip into a broken man's psyche".

Give the EP a listen below and follow Chaar Diwaari for more information.



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