YNZN.P Drops Second EP This Year With 'Better Check Yourself'

YNZN.P Drops Second EP This Year With 'Better Check Yourself'

26 September 2022

Kathmandu's Yonzon Prasidha aka YNZN.P just released his second EP of the year, following the previous 'Couldn't Dance To Save My Life' with 'Better Check Yourself'.

The 6-track release, which also sees Indian producers MALFNKTION and Oceantied remix a track each, sees Yonzon operate at some of the fastest tempos of his discography. Though still drawing from hip-hop and a little from its pacier sub-cultures like drill, the DJ and producer fully enters the grounds of bass and breaks as they'd be moulded for the dancefloor.

The faster pace and energy-focused creations mean there's less of the languid drum parts that were commonly found in Yonzon's work and we instead find more rigid and breakneck rhythmic collages, with the standout 'Miso' exemplifying it through its breakbeat cuts. Save for the title track, the bass no longer booms but pulsates to offer a different iteration of the gritty low-end ,while the textural hooks of chopped-up vocal and piano samples continue to define the Nepalese talent's work this year.

Listen to 'Better Check Yourself' below and head to YNZN.P's artist profile for more.




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