Listen: Dreamhour and EZZYLVND Release Split Mixtape 'Not For Release'

24 February 2016

Siliguri/Pune native Dreamhour (Debojyoti Sanyal) and Dubai based producer EZZYLVND (Sidharth Ezhilan) join forces for their 16 track split EP ‘Not For Resale’, which came out earlier this month via Pepsi MTV Indies.

The lengthy LP combines 8 tracks by each artist over two sides. The tracks have been compiled from two separate projects by the artists - EZZYLVND's "ttyl” EP and DRMHR's "Beet Tape". Sanyal mentioned that he was heavily influenced by 80s, 90s and early 00s music, and tried to channel that nostalgia in his beats.

"The set of tracks in this mixtape are random experiments that I got out of my newly obtained sampling knowledge in sometime early 2014. However, they didn't have any similarity to the more electro/synth based sound of my previous Dreamhour releases, thus the idea of releasing them as a separate mixtape through the 'DRMHR' alias was born. 'Beet Tape' was made during procrastination sessions throughout the summer of 2014 till spring 2015. Around that time I also came across EZZYLVND and was very impressed by his beats. A couple of emails later, we were doing this split." – Debojyoti Sanyal

Sanyal had been on our radar in the past with his synthy releases as Dreamhour and more mellow, chillout sounds under yet another alias - Debo. This is the first time we’ve heard EZZYLVND’s beat driven, R&B influenced brand of electronica and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the producer in the future.

You can listen to both sides of the sample heavy mixtape below. Follow Dreamhour and EZZYLVND on Facebook for updates.


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