Dropbox Talents: Aerate Sound

22 January 2016

Wild City explores the freshest sounds from the subcontinent in Dropbox Talents. This section isn’t about the who’s who in the scene, it's about relatively unheard of producers and musicians who we think make good music and are worth your time. If you’d like us to listen to your sounds, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud.

Aerate Sound is a three piece audio-visual collaboration between musicians Rohit Mohan and Joe Panicker, with visual artist Naquash.

The trio didn't strictly feature in our dropbox - we were directed to their music by Bangalore based electronic veteran Rahul Giri, who’s managed to steer them onto the Consolidate roster, which launched as a label earlier this month Peach Tea Since July and has a number of releases coming up this year.

Aerate Sound’s gentle electronic compositions feature lots of little details in the form of glitches, manipulated vocals, chimes and barely there basslines that are best appreciated on a good pair of headphones. The still young electronic outfit have only released two tracks right now as a mini EP called ‘Only For External’ which - for a first release - is worth a listen and has a lot of potential.

“Naquash brings in the visual element to the band as a visual artist, sculptor and compulsive documentarian of images and video clips. Both Rohit and I love collecting sounds and messing with them and we’ve created a library we like to use when we jam in our studio.

We would love to create sounds that we feel are relevant to us, going beyond the limits of genres and styles. Mixing that with visuals gives us a lot of inspiration. Working on our music is as much a struggle as it is joy for us but no matter what, Aerate Sound is a project that is close to our hearts, and we’re only just starting.” - Joe Panicker

The band is in the process of making more music and working with Consolidate for future releases. Follow Aerate Sound on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube for updates.


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