BLOT! To Present ‘Trick Or Treat’ At The British Council Later This Month

12 January 2016

Audiovisual duo BLOT! (Avinash Kumar, Gaurav Malakar) are constantly up to something new. ‘Trick Or Treat’ is one of BLOT!’s most interesting new ventures so far, emerging from (and complimenting) a much larger project called ‘Medicine Corner’ which had been commissioned last year by London based Wellcome Collection, the public cultural venue in London of one of the world’s biggest medical charities, The Wellcome Trust (you can watch the original AV piece here).

The project explores the rich plurality of the cultures of medicine in India through a range of programs, with the intention of raising awareness and engagement about alternative healthcare among the public. ‘Trick Or Treat’ delves into urban and rural contexts, studying a range of health and healing related experiences, using digital art to create interactive, immersive public experiences.

BLOT are set to showcase a phase of their project at the British Council on 22 January with a seminar, workshop and evening multimedia performance with Curtain Blue and Your Chin. Subsequent events are planned at India Art Fair, Kala Ghoda and Make In India later this year.

‘Trick or Treat’ will also include two installations by BLOT! and the Unbox Project. The event will begin with a 45-minute seminar that will cover a variety of topics (which include such interestingly titled topics as ‘Bloodletting, Bird Hospitals & Other Stories’ and ‘A Day In The Life Of A Street Doctor’) in multimedia formats, moving on to an hour long workshop that discusses proposals in future healthcare scenarios.

The evening will see a special audio-visual show by BLOT!, more music by Mumbai’s Your Chin and Delhi’s Curtain Blue as well as food and drink for attendees.

‘Trick or Treat’ is a free event but make sure you register on time here. Visit the Facebook event for more information and updates.


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