Watch: Frame/Frame Releases New Video For ‘Flutter’ Via Lowlit

21 September 2015

Delhi based musician, producer and DJ Frame/Frame, real name Nikhil Kaul, has collaborated with Haider Hussain for a gripping new video for the title track from his upcoming ‘Flutter’ EP. The single and video was released via newly formed record label, artist collective and cultural curator – Lowlit, founded by Kaul and fellow beatmaker Soulspace a.k.a. Vishnu P.S.

This isn’t the first time that Frame/Frame has collaborated with Hussain. They had teamed up earlier this year for another long distance project ‘Hard Boiled Wonderland’ from the EP of the same name (watch it here).

The expertly produced ‘Flutter’ is the first track to be released from his upcoming EP and features vocals by Frame/Frame’s long time collaborator Garima (you’ll remember her from ‘Swimmers’). ‘Flutter’ is also the first piece of music to come out of Lowlit – a landmark occasion for the fledgling collective.

"Considering this is the first outing for Lowlit as a label, we wanted it to be absolutely perfect. Haider and I went back and forth for the concept for this video over quite a few Skype chats to make sure we nailed it completely even before a single frame was shot. When we finally got the video back, both Vishnu and I were completely and totally floored. I think it was then all doubt about this being our first real statement of purpose sent out into the world ended there. This is just the start for our little label and we are very, very excited to see what the future holds for Lowlit!" – Nikhil Kaul

The video reminded us instantly of ‘Hard Boiled Wonderland’. ‘Flutter’ is skillfully shot, conceptualised and keeps you interested from start to finish - though it’s also, admittedly, equally bewildering.

'I was waiting for Frame jee to get done with a new EP so I could make a new video. We wanted to play around with the kidnappers' polar personalities. There are a few nods in there to some of my favorite films like Fargo and 2001 A Space Odyssey.

It was a breeze working with Atilla the actress since we had done a short film before. Fun fact, she was in my graduation project group for my aerospace engineering degree.

All in all, it was a fun experience, and I'm really looking forward to Frame jee's EP and to perhaps work with him again.' - Haider Hussain

We’re very keen to see what Lowlit have in store for the future. Watch the video below in its entirety and keep an eye out on Frame/Frame’s Facebook page for his upcoming EP (a reliable source tells us it’s quite good).

Words: Diya Gupta


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