Aurora Halal & Ezra Miller To Collaborate For Culture Connects' Season Closer

Aurora Halal & Ezra Miller To Collaborate For Culture Connects' Season Closer

30 September 2021

To mark the occasion of the first season of 'Culture Connects' drawing to a close, Sustain Release-founder, producer-DJ and prominent party-thrower Aurora Halal will collaborate with real-time generative art specialist Ezra Miller for an exclusive AV performance on October 8 at 4PM IST.

The event series by Wild City and MUTEK San Francisco in collaboration with American Center New Delhi, which was born as a response to the transformation of the cultural landscape by the COVID-19 crisis, aimed to provide a platform for creative aspirants to learn and grow during the pandemic. Through discussions, conversations and workshops, 'Culture Connects' touched upon topics from LGBTQIA+ representation in arts and vernacular narratives in hip-hop, to starting one's own radio show and bridging India's digital divide, while at the same time highlighting the new trailblazers through specially commissioned multi-media performances from the likes of Kumail, Burudu, Kiss Nuka, _RHL x Vishal Kumaraswamy and Eki Shola.

To conclude its first run of events, Aurora Halal will take the help of digital artist Ezra Miller to dial up the cerebral sensuality of her shadowy, psychedelic and emotionally intense and vulnerable music to showcase the far-reaching agency of digital performance space and inter-media collaborations. Tune in to the performance on October 8 at 4PM IST via Wild City or American Center New Delhi's Facebook.

To shape the upcoming season of 'Culture Connects', register your interest and sign-up for updates here. If you have attended any of the series' previous events, you can e-mail us at to let us know how you've incorporated the learning into your own creative practice.

Image: Aurora Halal by Guario


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