Bandcamp To Offer Ticketed Live Streaming Service

Bandcamp To Offer Ticketed Live Streaming Service

18 November 2020

Online music and merchandise distribution service Bandcamp, which has actively adapted itself to support musicians during the dearth of live events over the past few months, most notably through Bandcamp Friday, has just announced its new service Bandcamp Live.

The feature will allow artists to host virtual live performances and incorporate features like an optional chatroom and virtual music and merch table within the experience. The host will be able to set up their own ticket price, with the online service charging a 10% fee.

While the service is yet to become available to all artists, Bandcamp is waiving off its 10% fee till March 31, till which it has slotted performances by the likes of Chris Farren, Brin, Demae and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. According to the service’s announcement: “Streaming will never replace the experience of in-person performances, but we believe it’s the next best thing, and will provide artists with a powerful tool to build and connect with their fans both now, and when Covid is behind us and we’re all out enjoying the magic of live music once again.”

For more details and the full lineup of Bandcamp Live shows announced, head here.

Image courtesy of Bandcamp Daily




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