Listen: ‘No Qualms’ EP By Mozzdeep

6 May 2015

Mozzdeep aka. Anirudha Ajay is a 17-year old beat maker from Bangalore with a penchant for old-skool video games and retro video game music. The producer has been making music for over a year but only recently popped up on our radar when he released an EP called ‘No Qualms’ via Parisian label Laruche Records.

We had some idea of what to expect from Mozzdeep’s music knowing his influences included producers like Hudson Mohawke and Rustie (according to his Bandcamp). ‘No Qualms’ is maximalist to its very core, playing with bold cosmic synths and heavy beats that tailor his sound for the dance floor.

It’s a happy unification of genre that includes house, hip-hop and contemporary bass. Mozzdeep’s arrangements, however, tend to be a bit predictable and a little too familiar, though the young producer admittedly still has more than enough opportunity and time to experiment a little and create a defining sound truly his own.

We’re predicting that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about Mozzdeep in the coming future. Listen to the ‘Qualms’ EP below and follow the young producer on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud for more music.

Words: Diya Gupta




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