Krunk's 6th Anniversary Tour To Feature Bass Sekolah

24 April 2015

Our friends at Krunk are turning 6 and to celebrate the milestone, they’re flying down Bass Sekolah, an electronica outfit from Malaysia. Made up of producer CEE and multi-instrumentalist/crooner Darren Ashley, Bass Sekolah is yet another example of the kind of acts that Krunk has introduced to Indian audiences over the past six years. Headed by Sohail Arora, Krunk has been at the forefront of pushing electronica and bass music in India through properties like Bass Camp and unearthing artists like Dualist Inquiry and Sandunes before they went on to become the big-ticket artists they are today.

Having caught the ears and impressed the likes of Daedelus, Phon.o and the 50Weapons squad, Bass Sekolah with its jungle-drenched – their recording studio is in Berembun forest reserve in Malaysia – soulful electronica will be a treat for Indian fans. For those who were at Magnetic Fields in December last year, CEE will be a familiar name and face. The German producer, who now calls Malaysia home, set the perfect tone and stage before festival headliner Mala took over.

Listen to this mix Bass Sekolah did for RBMA Radio to get an idea of what awaits for you.

Bass Sekolah will travel to Mumbai, Delhi and Pune from May 8-10 (see image) and keep an eye on Krunk's Facebook page here for more details.




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