Watch: BLOT! Releases Short Film On Singaporean Street Food

2 April 2015

BLOT! are always up to something.

The audio-visual duo, made up of Avinash Kumar and Gaurav Malakar, has released a short documentary / art film about street food culture in Singapore, via the Guardian. The little film explores the colourful fruit and vegetable at the local farmers markets, sumptuous and strange goodies at their hawker centres and rows and columns full of unidentifiable cans and labels at the grocery stores of the region.

A country still in its infancy, Singapore has in its brief history become a melting pot of all the cultures that constitute its population so it comes as no surprise that its street food culture is incredibly vibrant. BLOT! tries to capture this mish mash of various peoples and foods with colour, using techniques like stop motion to reflect the chaos.

It’s a treat for the senses, narrated enthusiastically by Avinash Kumar as Malaker hangs around in the background, presumably looking for corn on the cob. BLOT! is also in the process of making their fascinating documentary film ‘Medicine Corner’, commissioned by London based Wellcome Collection. You can read more about that here.

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