Sign Up: New iOS App ‘Pick’ Allows Easy Music Listening & Sharing

12 March 2015

The quantity of music we listen to and share in the age of the Internet is often mind-boggling and often, more than a little overwhelming. Thousands upon thousands of new tunes around the world are put out into the public domain and heard by listeners each day, so it’s quite surprising that sharing and playing them is still such a burdensome task, particularly on mobile platforms.

That’s exactly the view that the team at Pick had when conceptualizing their new app. Still unlaunched, Pick aims to streamline all your music (on SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify and more) onto a single mobile app making playing and sharing music much simpler.

Essentially, this will mean that flitting through multiple music sharing platforms will become redundant and all your favourites will be available in one place. It’s easier to search through and allows you to seamlessly cross-fade tracks for a smoother listening experience. Pick also allows its users to recommend tracks to their friends in just a couple of clicks, even including what they refer to as a ‘Music Discovery Score’ with reward points that a user receives each time you recommend a track to a friend and they like it.

The (currently) invite only iOS app is still in a stage of development and the team is looking for people to give it a test run. We’ve already signed up and we suggest any music lover out there does too, because Pick so far seems to have a lot going for it. They’ve just integrated SoundCloud so far but Youtube and Spotify are on their way in soon.

Sign Up at to download the app. You can watch an explanatory video for the app here.



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