Call For Applications: Programs & Opportunities With Khoj

17 February 2015

We post a lot of opportunities about residencies available to artists and musicians in India with the genuine belief that they are an incredible opportunity for artists to grow, learn about themselves and develop a perspective about where they are in the growing creative landscape in India.

The Border Movement Sound Lab residency that just came to a close at Kala Ghoda in Mumbai was a testament to that, it saw musicians from a wide variety of skills and backgrounds from India, Sri Lanka and Germany collaborate, and create music together over the course of 1 week.

We just received an emailer from Khoj which was full to the brim with a host of call for applications for several opportunities that look very exciting. We’ll sum up a few of them here:

PEERS 2015: Applications are open from final year MFA students and/or young artists with 2 years experience in the field to push and experiment with the interdisciplinarity of contemporary art. Deadline is March 31.

Khoj Fellowship July – December 2015: Applications are open from students, research hers, professionals and young artists. Khoj fellows are expected to assist the program team with coordinating residencies, and to support and facilitate the requirements of the artists learning through a hands on approach. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

The Undivided Mind – International Resdency on Art and Science: A 6 week residency dedicated to exploring the cross-over between two seemingly unrelated fields of art and science. The first part of this residency starts on 16 Feb – 28 Feb.

Further information on all of the above can be found at Khoj's website here.



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