Listen: ‘Tales of Enchantment’ By Frantik Krantik

Listen: ‘Tales of Enchantment’ By Frantik Krantik

28 April 2020

Kolkata-based producer Krantik Banerjee aka Frantik Krantik has conjured a notably uplifting and energetic EP from a melting pot of neo-soul, jazz, lo-fi and dance music, titled ‘Tales of Enchantment’.

Produced in collaboration with Sydney-based artist Entity 97, the 2-track release lives up to the artist’s name with its frantic inviting rhythms and well-placed moments of intensity and relief. The EP’s core strength lies in its ability to effectively capture elements from a wide variety of genres for a rich blend. The dance music rhythms serve as the foundation to basslines which carry the volatility of jazz while being surrounded by the engulfing pads and textures of ambient and downtempo.

All the elements are utilised to serve the singular purpose of uplifting the listener’s mood and energy-levels without being draining – managing to be exciting and easy to listen to at the same time.

Listen to ‘Tales of Enchantment’ below and head to Frantik Krantik’s Facebook for further information.


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