Watch: A Hyperlapse Short on Magnetic Fields 2014

7 January 2015

Anyone who travelled down to Magnetic Fields would tell you that it was a sensory treat, both visually and sonically. Among the many attendees were Sourya Sen (who also participated in the Border Movement visual lab) and Naman Saraiya who filmed a hyperlapse video of the festival using only their iPhones.

The short features a montage of the blurry weekend in mid December, and is scored by Mumbai’s Jeff Nelson, a.k.a. Echofloat. The stunning black and white visuals produced by the Border Movement Visual Lab, in particular, look beautiful against the starry night skies. Jeff Nelson’s slightly eerie background music interspersed with cosmic vocal samples also works wonderfully with the dreamy little clip.

“Naman and I had shot a few shots of a music video with an iPhone and we were mulling around with an idea of doing something creative with it. So we decided to shoot a bunch of hyperlapses at Magnetic Fields and then take a call as to whether anything could come out of it. Hearing Jeff's track (we met him at the festival) and I knew it was perfect to edit the visuals into a cohesive whole.”

The recap short is a part of #weekendprojects and you can watch the entire film below:

Words: Diya Gupta
Image credit: Nishant Shukla


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