Thank You: Magnetic Fields 2014

18 December 2014

Brain cells are once again uniting, sentences can once again be formed and memories from the second edition of Magnetic Fields Festival are piecing themselves together. A truly spectacular 3 days that saw some of the most beautiful people meet and marry over music, dancing, palaces and deserts. Dolled up camels, strangers uniting, misty horizons, heart warming food and the music...

In our wildest dreams we never thought the magic from year 1 could ever be recreated but we were ecstatic to be proven wrong. This edition of Magnetic Fields again saw plenty of love, sweat and tears and in tradition what follows is a simple thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to all of the people who were part of this and all of those who made the effort to join us in Alsisar Mahal for what can only be described as one of the best weekends of our lives.

First off, a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who worked around the clock to support us: Yash, Kerry, Aditya, Jeffy, Arjun, Ankur, Pranav, Mudit, Gagan, Nikita, Erik, Franny, Kristin, Ayangbe, Kiran, Diya, Siddharth and to Hasheel for coordinating and being an absolute champion. A massive thank you is in order to our collective of VJs who put together such stunning content for the night stage and that fantastic installation; Amandeep, Sourya, Lalindra, Nishant. To our cultural partners Border Movement, Goethe Institut, Red Bull Kuwait, Initiative MusikgGmbH and Austrian Cultural Forum.

A huge thank you is in order to our partners in crime Mixtape who were again on point at all times, and the team at Thanks to our photographers Nishant, Meesha and Ola, and our film crew Sachin, Fabrice and Amit. A huge thanks to Ruhi at Little Big Noise and Prasheen, Shilo and Heather for the Bedouin magic. There’s no forgetting our after party DJs: Mo City's crew, the Bhavishyavani showcase, UnMute, Nerm, Ankur and Prash, the Arms House boys, Kompakt, Resident Advisor, Red Bull India, Bisleri and Heineken. Thanks to Gautam and Ishaan at Nappa Dori for the beautiful bespoke items and for the fabulous first prize gift in the treasure hunt. Thanks to Grallo for coordinating everyone’s travel, to Mohit from Shoes on Loose, to the villagers of Alsisar for receiving, welcoming and looking after everyone. A massive thank you to Josephine and all of our guest installations: Maaz, Anurag, Tejas, Maitreya, Siddartha, Arushi and Danny the Nish. Thanks to Kiran for the yoga and to Delhi Sultanate for the needles. A huge thank you to our friends for supporting us and paying for tickets! And to all of the artists who performed, especially those that stepped up at the last minute.

A huge heartfelt thank you to our partners and their teams: THOT, Abhimanyu, Smita (Undercover Agents) and Kunal and finally, a massive thank you in order to everyone that attended, spread the word from last year and made this edition so special.

**Aside from all of this, we'd love to hear back from YOU. Feedback only makes us stonger - so please get in touch at with your thoughts from the weekend, good or bad.**

Image Credit: Nishant Shukla


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