Listen: Superfuzz New EP ‘Inner City Waster’

28 November 2014

Delhi based punk/rock n’ roll imprint Superfuzz are out with their first EP in 7 years ‘Inner City Waster’.

The extended play (which almost qualifies as an LP at 7 tracks long) features Sanchar Malhar Thakur on vocals and guitar, Nikhil Rufus Raj on bass and Aditya Paharia on drums. ‘Inner City Waster’ is going to be a treat for fans of Superfuzz – the band has stuck to its roots, playing the accessible punk rock it’s now associated with.

The raw, rock sounds of Superfuzz come through best on the first two, quality tracks – ‘At My Home’ and ‘ What Every Kid Wants’. ‘At My Home’ builds beat and instrumentation that culminates with a great guitar piece just past the 2-minute mark. ‘What Every Kid Wants’ might be catchiest number on the album with it’s earworm chorus and great riffs.

‘Manu Is A Dumbass’ is another track worth noting. Tune wise, it’s just alright to be completely honest, but lyrically, this is an immensely funny and satisfying song to listen to, for anyone who has a Manu equivalent in their lives.

Overall, the album, though not particularly innovative or surprising, is a comforting ode to garage and punk rock, and a treat for its devotees. You can listen to the entire album below and buy it here on Bandcamp. Follow Superfuzz on Facebook for updates.

Image credit(thumb): Parikhit Pal
Words: Diya Gupta



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