Listen: Free Drone Releases Debut LP - 'Summer'

27 October 2014

Akhil Sood is a musician and music writer who has donned many avatars under Another Vertigo Rush, Operation Steve, Hoirong, Maritime Experiments, Dreams and Eclectic Visions Orchestra. So when we read that his debut solo LP as Free Drone was written (we’re not kidding) “mostly on a ukulele”, we were caught slightly off guard.

Just a reminder – this is the same guy who thrashes out raw, rebellious dystopian dance goodness with Hoirong, and lets be honest, a tiny guitar doesn’t exactly scream ‘punk’.

However, our opinion changed when we heard the little LP (at only 20 minutes long), titled ‘Summer’. The album, which was created with a little help from Hoirong’s Kamal (‘Camel’) Singh isn’t knock-your-socks-off amazing.

However, rough edges aside, it was still expressive and surprisingly delicate. Each slightly sad, contemplative short track (the lengthiest clocking in at just under 2 and a half minutes) combines acoustic ukulele, guitar (acoustic and electric) and electronic music in interesting and emotive ways. It’s worth a listen, honestly.

The 11 track album tags itself on Bandcamp as experimental (sure), minimal (of course), brostep (what?) and post ukulele (that actually makes sense). Akhil Sood was also probably chuckling to himself while naming the intricately composed electro acoustic tracks (Nonsense Youthful Angst Of A Housefly being our personal favourite).

If you’re intrigued (and we know you are), listen to Free Drone’s ‘Summer’ below and download it for free here on Bandcamp.

Words: Diya Gupta



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