BLOT! To Perform In Scotland For The Faclan Book Festival

20 October 2014

Two-piece live audio visual act - BLOT! is heading over to the highlands of Scotland on an intriguing mission.

Gaurav Malakar and Avinash Kumar will be playing at the Faclan Book Festival, collaborating with Scottish singer/songwriter Iain Morrison for the Purvai Club Night, an event that aims to reinvent the ancient highland musical form, ceol-mor.

The team over at Faclan calls the event, “an astonishing and innovative new collaboration featuring the compelling and ancient music of ceol-mor, re-imagined and re-launched by one of its foremost practitioners Iain Morrison, and then put in the blender with one of the globe’s top electronica VJ club acts B.L.O.T. from Delhi, India.”

Apart from being pioneers in India’s electronica scene, Malakar and Kumar have always been actively exploring the urban art space though music and art for a while now – the duo are founding members of the innovative, interactive and multidisciplinary cultural festival called UnBox, and Malakar is also a co founder of underground electronic label Qilla Records.

Iain Morisson was taught how to play the bagpipes at a young age by his father. The now singer/songwriter was commissioned by Celtic Connections in Glasgow in 2010 to write songs based on the classical Scottish music, producing a show called ‘Ceol Mor/Little Music’ which went on to receive rave reviews.

BLOT’s collaborative event with the Faclan Book Festival will be a massive fusion of international sounds and concepts – very interesting, to say the least.

Faclan: The Hebridean Book Festival will take place at An Lanntair from 29 October – 1 November 2014. Check Faclan's website and BLOT!'s Facebook page for more information, and book your tickets for the event on 1 November here.


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