Listen: Oh, Rocket Debut EP 'The Clouds Woke No Clocks'

15 October 2014

Kolkata based indie electronica band Oh, Rocket have been making waves since their impressive performance at Ziro Festival of Music last month. Comprised of singer/songwriter Droppinginanchor a.k.a Aniket Dutta and guitarist/composer Solnet aka Shubharun Sengupta, the duo have just released their debut EP 'The Clouds Woke No Clocks'.

Filled with energy, the release provides a distinctive idea of the bands sonic preferences. Melodic, dreamy post-rock, backed by Dutta's strong vocal performances create a comforting environment as the duo experiment with synths and melodies. As a piece of production 'The Clouds Woke No Clocks' is a solid work, and it definitely piqued our interest as to how Dutta and Sengupta will recreate it in a live performance.

The liveliest of the songs is 'Mechanical Kimono' - faster than any of the other tracks it gives a well-rounded impression of Dutta's vocals, and is filled with lively synths. While it is an enjoyable track the other three on the EP, being of a different pace and concept, seem truer to Oh, Rocket's desired sound. 'FFT' and 'Cat Door Back Door Man' (their single released in April earlier this year) follow, just further cementing the duo's indietronica influence. Wrapping the EP up with a bow, the comforting 'Conch' is a perfect example of Dutta's secure song writing and Sengupta's playful production running in tandem. A wonderfully light-hearted release 'The Clouds Woke No Clocks' announces Oh, Rocket to the country's indie alt-rock circles and, if the EP is anything to go by, they will be around for a while to come.

Broaden your horizons, turn up the speakers and listen to 'The Clouds Woke No Clocks' below. Follow Oh, Rocket on Facebook for updates and EP tour details.

**You can catch Oh,Rocket perform at Jamsteady in Kolkata on 17 October for their EP launch. Event details can be found here.**

Words: Aditya Keswani


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