Watch: Your Chin ‘Who Would Have Thought’

10 October 2014

Your Chin, the solo project of Raxit Tewari (also known for being the front man of indie band Sky Rabbit), has just dropped a new music video for the track ‘Who Would Have Thought’ from his second EP ‘Scatter Nature’.

The video, directed by Misha Ghose and released exclusively by Red Bull India, combines striking animation, live-action and amusing props use to keep viewers engaged till the very end. Make no mistake, this video has replay value.

With the intention of making a video with some quirk and verve, much like Your Chin’s lyrical and production style, the team behind the production found themselves experimenting with everything from clothes and props to set and animation. The video, begins with Tewari preparing himself a delicious meal of socks and sneakers, involves loafers made of loaves (of bread, obviously), cufflinks made of candy, and one delicious looking pizza tie. The great combination of colourful set design and innovative props do make you feel like you just stepped into the dreams of one of Dali’s grandchildren - surreal, yet playful.

The highlights (and truth be told there are many) have to include the quite simply brilliant super imposition of animation on Tewari’s face in various segments of the video. The other stand-out scene involves three glum, woebegone looking Tewari’s sharing a table and sneaker-cake. That one of these Tewari’s is wearing a hat carved from a watermelon, and playing on a phone made of chocolate, is just a bonus. If none of this makes sense (and it really shouldn't), you'll understand once you give the video a watch.

One viewing of the video is not nearly enough to completely comprehend what is going on. Tewari and Ghose do a great job of keeping you coming back for more. Just don’t be surprised if coming back involves scratching your head and asking yourself “who would have though…”

Keep a lookout on Your Chin’s Facebook page for further updates. You can watch the 'Who Would Have Thought' video below:

Words: Aditya Keswani


Your Chin


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