Listen: King Brain Mixtape By brnsctr

24 September 2014

The Indian music industry is by no means a vast one, but in the last 5 years (if we really stretch it) we’ve witnessed a tangible surge of musicians and change in the way sound is approached and perceived. And a large part of that change comes from the availability of and access to technology and the internet. Once in a while, when the stars are aligned in our favour, we get a glimpse of promising talent that seems to emerge, quite literally, out of nowhere.

Bangalore based fledgling producer Abhinav Singh who goes by his musical alias brnsctr (presumably named in accordance with this musical generation’s aversion to vowels – we’re looking at you, SBTRKT) is one of those happy surprises. He sent us a beat tape which he created on an op1 sampler over a few months and uploaded on his SoundCloud just recently. A disclaimer may be needed here – the ‘King Brain Mixtape’ is far from perfect; it isn’t mastered, obviously, and has a bunch of imperfections that could do with some ironing out, but it’s pretty damn good for a first attempt.

The ‘King Brain Mixtape’ is not so much a collection of songs as it is of carefully arranged sounds. brnsctr describes the selection as an ‘art hop’ mixtape and we’re sticking to that description – each untitled, experimental track has an R&B feel to it, particularly with its irregular beat patterns and occasional vocal samples. The short collection (its lengthiest track clocks in at a paltry 2 and a half minutes) is surprisingly deep considering it was created live and recorded in one take. This is ideally headphones listening.

The ‘King Brain Mixtape’ is oddly enjoyable and with his combination of smooth grooves, experimental melodic patterns and textured samples, brnsctr is worth keeping an eye out for. He doesn’t have a Facebook page, but you can follow him on SoundCloud. You can listen to the ‘King Brain Mixtape’ below and buy it/download it for free here on Bandcamp.

Art credit (main): brnsctr on Tumblr
Words: Diya Gupta




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