Watch: Rise Up & Run + Slybounce

10 September 2014

The last week has seen some fantastic new output from some of the country’s most forward thinking musicians - Sandunes a.k.a Sanaya Ardeshir and Monica Dogra of Shaa’ir + Func fame have both just dropped stellar new videos.

Monica Dogra kicked off her solo project with the powerful new single ‘Rise Up and Run’. The track is a massive leap for the artist melodically and vocally - Dogra’s voice in ‘Rise Up and Run’ might just see her most impactful delivery yet. Its equally energetic video sees the singer don a dancers avatar in a lyrically choreographed, beautifully visualised piece. ‘Rise Up and Run’ has been produced by Engine Earz and the music video has been choreographed by Nalaya Sabnis, produced by Vikram Nath Gupta and directed by Manoj Jadhav. ‘Rise Up and Run’ was released by Red Bull India (#RedBullPremiers). There's a write up about the effort that went into its making in Monica’s own words and a 'making of' video that is definitely worth checking out here.

Sandunes also released a music video for the title track of her EP ‘Slybounce’ that came out in June (reviewed here) to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. She just came out with a music video for the title track, featuring Nicholson’s drawling vocals - and it’s pretty great. Directed, shot and edited by Sachin Pillai, the video bleakly but humorously satirises the social scene, focussing on a progressively drunker and disillusioned protagonist, the ‘Slybouncer’ with no exit strategy, played brilliantly by Karan Pandit. Shooting between a bar and rolling hills, the black and white music video really brings out Sandunes musical aesthetic. Featuring cameos by both Nicholson and Sanaya, this is one of the best music videos released in the Indian alternative space in a while.

Though starkly different both musically and thematically, each track and their visuals mark a strong movement in the alternative space, particularly for its female talent. You can watch the video for ‘Slybounce’ below, and ‘Rise Up and Run’ here on Red Bull India’s website.

Words: Diya Gupta
Image Credit (thumbnail): Neville Sukhia


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