Video: Thump's 5 Minute Documentary On The Indian Electronic Music Scene

19 August 2014

This summer, a tiny film crew descended on New Delhi and Mumbai to document the ‘real’ Indian electronic music scene. THUMP, an arm of the provocative online social journalism platform Vice, teamed up with Bose on their international campaign to investigate and explore music scenes around the world.

A packed gig at Summer House Cafe, a not so packed farmhouse party, a few interviews and the staple generic cycle rickshaw shots have been transformed (with the use of some steady slow motion shots) into a short but tidy snapshot of the nightlife scene in India.

The short explores the beginnings and transformation of the flourishing independent (and now, more and more mainstream) music scene. An incredibly well put together 5-minute long documentary, it manages to capture the essence and passion of the men and woman that have been at the forefront of the musical landscape over the last decade.

Some of the figures interviewed include New York based producer Arjun Vagale, as well as his long time collaborator Dev Bhatia (UnMute), Mumbai based DJ Kris Correya, Nucleya and journalist Ambika Muttoo.

You can watch the entire video in full below, we also strongly suggest checking out the other episodes:


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