Until We Last Releases Debut EP ‘Earthgazing’. Grab It For Free Now

11 August 2014

Ketan Bahirat, Ralston D'souza, Chaithanya Jade and Paul Dharamraj are the faces behind ‘Until We Last’ – the undisputable voice of post rock in India.

Their euphonious debut LP titled ‘Earthgazing’ combines live instrumentation with atmospheric and electronic elements to create lush, cinematic sounds in the band’s typically innovative style.

Until We Last’s vast global influences range from Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai to Apparat – a perfect amalgam of classic post rock and more experimental, forward thinking electronica. The band has developed a cult following of alternative music connoisseurs over the years, proving that instrumental music can be as popular with the masses as any other genre.

We're pretty sure that ‘Earthgazing’ is sure to get people talking with its unique structural and melodic approach, not to mention the high playability of the album, best described as orchestral and symphonious music - one that is played unthinkingly and on repeat.

“We've been working on these songs for over a year and for that reason each one means a lot to us. Recording this EP was a blast and we really hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did during the process.
We're looking forward to taking this EP on tour and getting these songs out to people, as our first official release we cannot wait for everyone to hear this.”
– Ketan Bahirat, Until We Last

The EP is available for stream and free download via Bandcamp/SoundCloud and other social media platforms from today. You can head over to the band's official website to get your hands on it.

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