Pulse: Amyt Datta & Jivraj Singh Release New Track & Video

8 August 2014

The combination of Amyt Datta and Jivraj Singh is lethal.

The last time these two collaborated we saw the release one of the most impeccably produced and unconventionally beautiful albums; ‘Ambiance de Danse’. Once again the duo is back on the scene with a new track and accompanying video titled ‘Pulse’ – an electronic jazz number with undercurrents of dusty, industrial sounds courtesy of, of course, Jivraj Singh.

Amyt Datta makes no attempt do hide his talent on ‘Pulse’, giving listeners goosebumps with some seriously skilful mood based melodic phrases and composition that gives the instrument a voice of its own – a treat, but not a huge surprise from one of the most understandably respected musicians in the country.

Talking about talent, resident “beat maker” Jivraj Singh also brings his magic with impressive, textural drumming; commanding music that is meant to snap its listener to attention and leave them wanting more.

Here’s what Jivraj had to say about their approach to the new music:

"Amyt composes, I design, and then we produce and perform together. Amyt's explorations into harmony, intention and sound often result in what would be considered 'non-musical' themes. My interest is more in arrangement, presentation and the associated text / visual world. We try to make cultures, instead of just songs.

The intention is to make instrumental, improvised music in an avant-garde spirit which has enough resonance that anybody can listen to it. We want strong reactions, not merely likes. It's a tough but rewarding battle."

It’s a battle we’re certainly glad they’re fighting. You can watch the video of the duo performing ‘Pulse’ below.

Pulse from Autorickshaw Productions on Vimeo.


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