Social Delhi Launches This Week

2 July 2014

The word ‘workspace’ normally evokes an image of dreary grey walls, permanently malfunctioning coffee machines and the whirring noises of computer systems that should have been put down years ago. It’s especially challenging for creative people to find a space that inspires them and allows them to meet like minded people with similar ideas and goals.

That’s soon going to change. Delhi’s going to see a new space open up this week that will provide an exciting new opportunity for entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, photographers and artists from the region to work, play and interact with like minded people in an adventurous new workspace based in Hauz Khas Village - The Social.

The official launch is on 3 July and the Social team is bringing it in with an electric lineup that includes Sandunes, Curtain Blue and Soulspace. The launch party is strictly invite only but don't fret, we're giving away a few to Wild City readers. You just need to send us an email with SOCIAL Launch in the subject to with your name and contact details by 12pm Thursday 3 July. Don’t forget to RSVP if you get an invite.

The main aim of the space is based around the idea of “Social Offline” – a simple but ingenious concept that aims to rebuild, from the ground up, how we meet and interact with people in the same circuits. “Remember when being social meant that you actually met people?” is the clever opening line to Social Offline’s explanatory video which you can view here.

It isn’t all work at the Social, which is also an upscale café/bar and provides much needed food and beverage to its patrons. The space itself is formidable, covering a space of 8,500 square feet in an old building that faces the rippling waters and verdant foliage of the Hauz Khas village reservoir – work with a view. The design of this massive space has got a rustic beauty – it’s got a warehouse- chic vibe with stoney pillars and walls to accentuate original hardwood floors and high ceilings.

The whole thing sounds like something you’d have to cut an arm and a leg off for, but the cost to use this space per month is only Rs 5000. On top of that, everything penny paid is in the form of credit, so you can redeem that value in food and beverage, making The Social essentially free as a workspace. As workspace at Social is limited you'll need to fill in a quick application form here to be considered.

The social will be open to the general public on Friday 4 July. If you're in Hauz Khas, its worth dropping by and having a look.


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