The Humming Tree To Celebrate Its First Birthday

2 June 2014

It’s hard to believe that one of our favourite bars and performance venues in Bangalore, nay the country – The Humming Tree, is celebrating its first birthday this weekend 6-8 June. A staple part of the scene it feels like it’s been around for a lot longer. The performance site run by Nikhil Barua and Valeria, has already become a landmark in the city with its great space and tireless support of the alternative arts.

They’ve got an exciting mini festival spanning three days to celebrate, with headliners Shaa’ir + Func bringing in the birthday on Friday 6 June. The main day is the ‘All Day All Stars Celebration’ which will include two stages - one on the rooftop featuring fantastic live shows from the likes of Fay Baretto + Anish Dasgupta, Ankit Ranganathan & Pradeep Gopal and Khalid Ahamed among others, as well as a main stage where you can listen to the sounds of Sulk Station, Until We Last and The F16’s. The party starts at noon and plans to go on until the wee hours.

The team at Humming Tree isn’t stopping there – they’re making sure that their birthday weekend is going to be as jam packed as possible with a rooftop DJ, visual and movement artists, and lots of eats to keep that energy level high. 8 June will mark the end of the festival, and The Humming Tree are planning to go out with a bang. They're organising a 'Food and Drinks Fiesta’ as well as an 'Open Mic All Stars' – extended performances of some of the best acts of the year.

In an interview with us earlier this year, Nikhil Barua had this to say when giving us his two cents about how to make it in the business:

“[…] Just make sure you stick to the fundamentals and never lose sight of that as you go along. […] I would say be patient, not everyone will see it the same way and sometimes it does take time to get everyone on the page that you’re on. So year, patience and fundamentals.”

That unpretentious ideology is probably what has taken The Humming Tree so far in such a short space of time. We’re sure this is the first of many birthdays that they’re yet to celebrate - this one's going to be blast so make sure you attend if you're in Bangalore. Full details on the flyer below:

Words: Diya Gupta


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