Skyharbor Look To Crowd Fund Their New Album

19 May 2014

Progressive metal and post-rock influenced band Skyharbor are releasing their second album after their massively successful debut “Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos”. The band has chosen to finance the album though Pledgemusic – a crowd funding direct-to-fan website that bears similarities to the very popular Kickstarter, though the former is solely focused on raising funds for musicians.

The idea of crowd funding wasn’t one that the band was already open to as they felt it was like asking for “handouts”, but the massively positive response from fans on their facebook page helped changed their minds. The Pledge campaign was soon born and with some help, the bands visions will hopefully, in time, turn to reality.

The contributions won’t be for nothing – other than an album download and band updates, Skyharbor is offering its Pledgers some pretty amazing deals like signed drum skins, handwritten lyric sheets and even online coaching lessons with lead vocalist Dan Tompkins and guitarist Keshav Dhar.

Skyharbor had this to add on their Pledgemusic page - “Beyond just raising funds, the objective of this Pledge campaign is to show the world at large that we can stand on our own two feet with the support of this incredible army of fans that we have on board with us, and that together we can create magic and achieve things that would have been deemed impossible a few years ago”.

The short statement rightly highlights the most important part of crowd funding – that nothing is more powerful than that faithful connection between artists and their fans. If you’d like to be a part of it, you can check out their Pledgemusic page and contribute.




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