Midnight Hip-Hop Party At Kitty Su Tonight

16 May 2014

Dry days always seem to come out of nowhere. Despite the fact that the whole country is acutely aware of today's significance, there have been the inevitable last minute event cancellations and last night saw bars shut promptly at midnight for fear of us all turning into pumpkins.

In a new take on dry day etiquette, Kitty Su have an interesting plan up their sleeve – a hip-hop night that starts after the clock strikes 12. Beats will come curtsey of local boy CJ who despite his fresh face has been DJing for 10 years, he'll be sharing the decks with Karma.

Tonight you can expect a good dose of hip-hop with some R&B and dancehall thrown in for good measure. We’re assuming this will go late but you can find further details on the Facebook event page here.


Kitty Su


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