The Troops Are Reuniting At The Fire N Ice Gathering

30 April 2014

“We’d created a club where everyone could party in one place. It was away from the main road so you could walk out drunk and not give a damn. There were plenty of places to make out in the mill buildings and it was like a secret party – a place no one could find you. It gave us all goosebumps.” – Ketan Kadam in Time Out, Mumbai.

Fire n Ice was the first space of its kind in Mumbai and Ketan Kadam, Rajeev Shah, Neeraj Rungta and Vishal Shetty could sense that they had hit on something special when they rented the "ramshackle standalone structure" in the then defunct Phoenix Mills. This massive space would become the now notorious Fire n Ice which sprung up like a ray of hope when the clubbing scene in Mumbai was at a dismal low. It quickly made a name for itself and soon gained a reputation for its mad parties, celebrity clientele, international headliners and an indescribable dance culture that no other club in India could ever quite reach. Fire n Ice continued to run for six years and shut its doors for the last time in 2005.

Or so we thought.

Don’t get too excited, Fire n Ice isn’t coming back full time, but they are holding a one-off event to “relive old memories and create new ones” at Tote On The Turf. If you're not on the guestlist a post on their Facebook page states that there is a Rs 500 entry fee before 11pm which doubles to Rs 1000 if you enter after 11pm. “The Troops Are Uniting” seems to be the motto this time and creator Vishal Shetty is hell bent on making this the wildest night Mumbai has seen since the ‘golden days’. With an line up that includes Bullzeye, Karan ‘Third Eye’ Bhoj, Pearl, DJ SA, Vishal Shetty and FNI ex-residents Manoj, Lloyd and Steve, everyone should be excited about the return of this iconic institution – just for one night.
Facebook event

Words: Diya Gupta



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