India’s First Year Long Music Festival: The Avant-Garde Project

28 April 2014

We’re intrigued and excited.

The Avant-Garde Project has popped up on our radar displaying glimpses of greatness and a concept that is fresh. Delhi looks like it’ll be home for this long event although exact dates, location and lineup are yet to be announced. In fact not much has been revealed so far apart from the concept:

“A yearlong music festival with an anomalous blend of music, photography, literature and food which has been tapered down to suit a particular season and stage of life along with a specific human emotion, further assigning an apt music genre to enrich the occasion.”

The event is split into 4 ‘chapters’ which coincide with the 4 seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. Based on this a programming theme has been alluded to: melodic unplugged music in the summer, alt rock for monsoon, electronic music in the autumn and a combination of the best from all the seasons in the winter. This is certainly an event to keep firmly on your radar and as long as this doesn’t turn into a year long psy party (you know what invariably happens) we’ll be happy.


Image credit: Akash Sonthalia



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