SUBCULTUR: Going Late At Lap

24 April 2014

Lap, a members only venue that has struck up a reputation for its exclusive policies, tussles at the door and steeply priced drinks has seen a recent and welcomed shake up.

Thursday’s are now home to SUBCULTUR, an event series held by LAP and Audiophile Network, along with UnMute, Wind Horse and the team here at Wild City.

At Rs 500 cover charge on the door, the events are accessible to everyone and provide a space for people to share and explore Indian and international sounds that are currently making waves. Kickstarting last month with Delhi homeboys BLOT!, it has week on week showcased sounds from the likes of Hamza, Kohra, and Vipul catering to a select few, rather than the masses.

Once a week, Lap dedicates itself wholly to artists and to the fans who want to abandon any inhibition and self consciousness, let loose and dance.

“Subcultur [is] one night a week dedicated to an artist’s true sound, where they are playing music not dictated by club management or a particular crowd’s taste. Too many times DJ’s are asked to tweak their sound as per outside demands. A night designed to give artist's freedom on the console and also give listeners a pure, unadulterated music experience.” - Aliya Rashid, Audiophile Network

Lap has also relaxed its normally stringent entry and dress code policies to be all inclusive. They’ve even introduced a new bar menu and have no qualms about keeping the decibel levels high till the wee hours of the morning.

The prodigious and ever charming pioneer of the underground house scene, Kini Rao, is playing this Thursday. We're there, let us know if you want guest list.

Words: Diya Gupta



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