Listen: Asvajit ‘Pillow Talk’ EP

21 April 2014

For those who’ve been partying by the sunny shores in Colombo, Asvajit is a name that is more of a frequented buzzword. His credentials hold up to pioneering electronic music production in the sun-kissed island and representing the sub-continent at various festivals in Europe. Most notably, Fusion Festival in Berlin, through the support of Border Movement, a project funded by the Goethe Institut.

In 2010 Asvajit released his first EP, Hard Boiled. This was the first time local audiences got to enjoy home-grown electronic music . The release acted as a catalyst, changing the way people would adapt to dance music in Colombo.

Pillow Talk is an EP with a fresh twist beyond imagination straddling a broad spectrum of genres - not forgetting the his trademark take on dub and funk. Inspired by jambu, a fruit native to the tropics – Pillow Talk is full of fresh and 'zesty' sounds; a release effortlessly fusing funk, dub, hip-hop and techno.

Listen in full below and enjoy:

Words: Zul Luthufi


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