Welcome To Our World Of Nuclear Dance. Amyt Datta & Jivraj Singh Hit The Road

17 April 2014

Over the last two years, Amyt Datta and Jivraj Singh have been giving birth to a lovechild.

This is no ordinary child - this is a beast. One that requires headphones to be truly experienced. It should be felt and heard with as little space as possible between your eardrums and the pulsing driver of a speaker. If the technology were available, one might even consider wiring your audio device directly into the cerebral cortex, immediately eliminating the possibility of this sounding in any way different to exactly the way it was designed to be.

As such technology is not available to us mere mortals, let's stick with headphones.

Kolkata based Amyt Datta has crafted a sound that spikes the exploratory craft of instrumental improvisation whilst RBMA alumni and all round percussion machine, Jivraj Singh provides real-time manipulation and dusty textures making the output sound like at times Squarepusher, at times Venetian Snares, at times Wagon Christ, but at all times experimental and unforgiving.

"This is demanding, frenetic, splintered, oddly beautiful music. If you try to pin it down and put it in a box, it will fight you. And win."

The duo will be taking their show live tonight, performing at Kolkata's Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium at 6.30pm. If you're in town, we'd highly recommend dropping in. The songs will alternate between Amyt's first album Ambiance de Danse, and newer material from a soon-to-be recorded second album.

The duo will also be playing a second gig at the Princeton Club on Friday 2 May 2014. Jivraj told us about how it's "going to be a visual show, with some extra stage design elements. It will also feature a great saxophonist." So watch out for that one too.

The flyer for tonight's gig can be seen below:


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