Karma Yatri Travel & Art Residency Begins This Week

9 April 2014

KYTA (Karma Yatri Travel & Art) is a cultural residency that aims to tighten the association between travel, living, art and expression in India.

Running for a month from 12 April to 11 May, it will create a crossover experiment with 10 varied artists from across disciplines, skills, practices and nationalities to come together and create a singular artistic result, all in the tiny village of Kalga, at the foothills of the Himalayas. Once completed it also hopes to exhibit, screen and perform all output in multiple cities across the country.

Set within the walls of what was originally a shepherd's cottage at the centre of Parvati Valley. Over the next month it will play host to one of country's most experimental residencies, which we're excited to hear more from over the coming weeks.

A full list of residents can be seen below:

Alec Schachner (USA / Vietnam)
Ameet Singh (India)
Damian Linossi (Argentina)
Emile Degorce (France)
Fernando Viscokis (Brazil)
Megha Katyal (India)
Rashi Jain (India)
Sachin Pillai (India)
Sanaya Ardeshir (India)
Wei Ching-ju (Taiwan)

More info on all the participants here. Over the course of the month, there will also be a host of multidisciplinary workshops held by each resident. Details here:

For more info on each workshop head here



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