Don't Miss: Award Winning Nirbhaya Comes To India

18 March 2014

After the roaring success of their crowd funding campaign back in October last year, the award winning play Nirbhaya (meaning Fearless) has landed in India. Last nights inaugural performance in Bombay was greeted with a standing ovation and a roar of applause. The production has several more shows planned in Bombay before moving to Delhi and Bengaluru.

Created in response to the violent gang rape and death of Delhi medical student Jyoti Singh Pandey in December 2012, the production explore other true stories of sexual violence endured by each of the performers who have used Jyoti’s death as a catalyst to break their own silence.

The Telegraph described Nirbhaya as “One of the most powerful pieces of theatre you'll ever see” while the Herald claimed Nirbhaya to be “Surely one of the most powerful and urgent pieces of human rights theatre ever made.”

Tickets range from Rs200 – Rs500 and are available through Kyazoonga here.

18-20 March: Mumbai
22-24 March: New Delhi
26-28 March: Bengaluru

Check out an interview with director Yael Farber below:

Keep updated with the latest Nirbhaya news via their Facebook page and website.




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