Watch: 'Perry Road' By Noni-mouse

Watch: 'Perry Road' By Noni-mouse

13 August 2019

Noni-mouse recently released a rather bizarre music video for 'Perry Road', one of the singles from her debut EP 'noni-pop'.

At first watch, the video seems a little all over the place, and appears to employ just about every visual effect available to humankind. It's intriguing, sure, but also a little confusing – there's video game effects, glitchy Windows pop-ups, eerie monochrome cuts, a creepy window frame, random floating 3D objects, shots of birds flying, outer space expeditions, scenes out of psychedelic hallucinations... and we're only just getting started. And all this, with a bunch of different people taking turns dancing in the corner of a room.

If you find yourself wondering, what is happening? or what is the point of all this? you're not alone. The absurdity of the video intrigued and compelled us to watch the video a second time, with a fresh perspective.

Dizzying as the video may be, turns out Radha Priya aka Noni-mouse intended for that effect – which probably explains why she got 15 participants to imitate animal-like dance movements, and then got 5 different cuts within the video by 5 different editors (in order of their excerpts): Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam, Joey Katare, Aniruddh Mehta and Prajjwal Chandra (our personal favourite), Adith Anande, and Nikunj Patel. The intention, we can deduce, was to have different perspectives and a varying visual language for the video. To what effect? We're not sure. But one thing we can say with absolute certainty – it is original, and it's refreshing, and it's fun. Instead of going for a contrived, or deliberated or derivative approach, the video abandons all sense of design constraints, emerging with one particular quality more refreshing than anything else – it's free.

Watch the video below:

Head here for further information about Noni-mouse.




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