Heineken Green Rooms Brings Smell-O-Vision To The Dancefloor

3 December 2013

Smell-O-Vision - an urban legend that filled 90s childhood. The stuff quite literally made of dreams or a fantasy of Roald Dahl proportions.

Scratch and sniff had already made waves and talk about the future - a time where you could smell what you watched were stirring playgrounds across the 90's.

Fast forward 20 years and these long lost dreams have been realised, by none other than beer giant Heineken and not in cinemas and theatres but on the dancefloor.

Heineken Green Rooms have launched a new project called the Scenthesizer that gives DJs the power to manipulate the smells on the dancefloor. Working with DJ Funk Bastard (one half of the Cosa Nostra) and still a prototype, it was designed by creative agency Iris.

The project involves built in vents that pump out different scents onto the dancefloor that matches the music and evolves as the DJ’s set evolves. Definitely a step out of the box for Heineken - intrigued? Watch the video below:




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