Help Bring NIRBHAYA To India

22 October 2013

Sometimes we hear a whisper of something that may not necessarily fit with our usual content agenda but we feel compelled to share it with you. This piece of news certainly fits the bill, but it is not a whisper we are hearing rather a huge roar. A tremendous thunder from our sisters who have created a vehicle for social change that is having staggering impacts on audiences. NIRBHAYA is a theatre production that needs to come to India.

Created in response to the violent gang rape and death of Delhi medical student Jyoti Singh Pandey in December last year, the production explores other true stories of sexual violence endured by each of the performers who have used Jyoti’s death as a catalyst to break their own silence.

It is the staggering response that NIRBHAYA has had on audiences that is hailed as the most rewarding tribute to the production. Audiences have openly wept and sought out cast members to share their own experiences of sexual violence. NIRBHAYA is breaking the shameful silence that surrounds sexual violence and they need your help.

The organisers are in the process of raising funds via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finance 10 performances in 2 cities in India: 5 performances in Mumbai from 7-11 December, and 5 performances in Delhi from 13-16 December.

Find out more information here and help spread the word. You can also watch an interview with director Yael Farber below:



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