Listen: SnowShoe Debut EP

14 October 2013

We’re big fans of SnowShoe, their effortless layering and memorable soundscapes - exploring a seemingly very personal project that is growing in a really beautiful direction. A cerebral adventure that you will keep on loop - think Bonobo, Nightmares On Wax.

SnowShoe put out a bunch of tracks about a year ago that were seriously good, their live shows, although a little more downtempo than most - still got people moving, eyes closed or focussed intently on Rahul. Today they just dropped their first release. And we’ve been waiting for this for a while.

Their first release comes in in the form of a 2 track 4 minute long EP titled ‘Waking’. A taste, a teaser, a snatch of what we hope is a lot more to come, we just don’t want to wait too long to hear more!




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