Watch: Now Delhi Meets The Vinyl Records

9 October 2013

Maybe you caught a glimpse of these girls sari clad and swaying at the end of pcrc’s video for Love Demons but you’d know if you’ve seen The Vinyl Records play live. Whether or not you think they’re accomplished musicians is kind of irrelevant as it is almost nigh on impossible not to enjoy their shows. 4 teeny girls contrasted by their immense attitude, sass and the blatant fact that actually, they don’t really care what you think of them.

The fact that they’re an all girl band is also indirectly a statement, especially in a city like Delhi where the skewed male/female ratio is an unavoidable issue.

Our friends at Now Delhi introduce us to these curious girls as they discuss their sound, why they’re a punk band and what it’s like to be a girl in Delhi.

Image credit (thumb): Amaan Ali Khan



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