Regenerate: Brand New Event Series Launches In Mumbai

20 September 2013

It's that time of year again. The Season.

The newest and bravest entry to Mumbai's growing list of clubnights (and venues) is 'Regenerate', which will be launching on 13 October at Sitara Studios, Mumbai.

In the first of a series of bi-monthly events, Regenerate has invited renowned London based producer and DJ, Geddes, one of the many true pioneers of the London house scene, to headline the event.

Among those ahead of the game when it came to the fragmentation of the "super-club" and the dawn of London's new warehouse era, Geddes and his Mulletover party crew were integral in the rise of the underground. Founded in 2004, Mulletover was brought to life with a determination and enduring love for exploring and championing the freshest talent. The longevity of Mulletover with Geddes at the helm as its devoted curator and resident DJ is testament to its monumental success, making him a figurehead in the evolution of one of the world's most thriving house and techno scenes. We're pretty excited.

Geddes will be supported by Wild City's very own 'Moniker', as well as 'Moon Shine' from Dubai based music and media agency OHM Records. That's not all. To craft an ultimate experience, Regenerate has tied up with a professional street artist, Minzo, to create an ambience unlike no other, both inside and outside the venue.

"Regenerate isn’t just about a gig. It is about creating a community of like-minded people who come together to celebrate and rejuvenate in the power of deep house. With this vision in mind, the team launches their first gig on October 13th 2013 at an underground studio space in Mumbai – Sitara Studios." - The Regenerate Team

More info on the event as we have it. A flyer for the event can be seen below:




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