Homegrown: New Youth Culture Magazine Set To Launch

5 September 2013

"Create, incubate, meditate, innovate. Homegrown is a platform for Indian youth culture in more ways than one." - Homegrown

Mumbai is all set to become home to the newest youth culture magazine for India and beyond. With a video teaser that was released yesterday and a drip-feed of very in-depth looking content, it looks promising. We know most of the people behind it and that makes it even more exciting; slightly biased, but what can we say. The editor has been writing for us here at Wild City and Border Movement for as long as we can remember. And we like her. A lot.

Titled 'Homegrown', it is co-founded by Natalia Lasota, Varun Patra and Mandovi Menon who between them share experience in the fields of advertising, film, production, marketing and writing. And, with an agenda that touches upon the worlds of music, art, fashion, lifestyle and more, it hopes to be a one-stop shop for everything youth and culture in India.

"The publication aims to give audiences an insight into today's Indian youth culture and what makes it tick. We'll be covering a wide, range of content across many topics ranging from art, fashion, music, literature, lifestyle and more and we're particularly keen to bring a particular spin on content that people haven't seen much in India. We decided to start it because we felt the lack of something all-encompassing on youth culture in one space. We also hope to use it to give young, creative talent across the country a platform to showcase their work, and are keen to help certain sub-cultures develop from a root level." - Mandovi Menon, Editor

You can have a peek at the video teaser below. To stay in the loop and be one of the first to hear about its launch, you can sign up on their homepage here





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