Tajdar Junaid Releases Debut LP 'What Colour Is Your Raindrop'

20 August 2013

Tajdar Junaid is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer from Calcutta who has just dropped his debut LP "What Colour Is Your Raindrop". Featuring 18 musicians and collaborations from all across the globe, it's a culmination of Taj's extensive knowledge and deep musicality. It has been mixed by Acoustic Alchemy keyboardist Fred White.

A long time scene player, Taj's list of past collaborators reads like a who's who of the Indian music scene. Amyt Datta, Blackstratblues, NZ songwriter Greg Johnson, Karsh Kale, Fred White from Acoustic Alchemy and Anusheh Anadil are all supporters and fans of his unique and passionate style.

His debut is a masterpiece that is truly engaging on many levels. An appealing and compelling listen, it proves his stance as a powerful force within the Indian music scene. And rightly so, he's been a part of it for over a decade.

"What Colour Is Your Raindrop is a personal photograph of all the sights and sounds that have shaped him. From the gaps between notes of Erik Satie to the wail of Albert King, from the serenity of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan to the innocence of Iranian cinema, this debut album is his journey through all of them."

You can hear the first single from 'What Colour Is Your Raindrop' below. For a preview of some of his other tracks, we suggest heading over to his SoundCloud. Really you should just go and buy it. Info below.


1. Though I Know ( 4:12 )
2. Aisle ( 4:46 )
3. Dastaan ( 3:30 )
4. Mockingbird (feat.Greg Johnson) ( 3:34 )
5. What Colour Is Your Raindrop ( 3:09 )
6. The First Year ( 3:55 )
7. Ekta Golpo (feat.Anusheh Anadil & Satyaki) ( 3:43 )
8. Aamna ( 3:42 )
9. Prelude to Poland ( 4:27 )
10. Yadon Ki Pari (feat.Junaid Ahmad) ( 6:42 )

'What Colour Is YourRaindrop' was released on 17 August and is up for download over at iTunes and OK Listen. For those not willing to pay the measly sum of Rs 100, It'll be available for free download via his website on 31 August.



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