Mumbai Gig Preview: Smash Up

21 June 2013

Last week's Kaboom saw Mumbai's musical elite wearing their hip-hop masks with pride. Even if it didn't hold up too well, the idea of fresher properties and more unique concepts seems to have struck a chord somewhere if tonight's Smash Up lineup is any indication of it.

First up is the resident dark horse of the night, Johnny-B. Known for his preference for more intimate party environments - think invite only beach raves and other little dens he sometimes chances upon - those who've caught a glimpse of his sets know that they can expect some serious funk. Not to mention the kind of demented time portal that will have you shuffling between good ol' '90s hip-hop even as it slips seamlessly into futuristic glitch-hop and heavier basslines.

Hardly following his lead, we're probably most excited for Randolph Correia's FUNCinternational set. One of India's leading producers and music industry veterans, he tends to keep his solo avatar well hidden in the shadows of his larger, collaborative musical efforts ( with Shaa'ir + Func and Pentagram). Considering we've spent ample amounts of time, for some almost a decade, streaming FUNCinternational's authentic dub, drum and bass tunes on SoundCloud however, the chance to actually see him spin live will be refreshing to say the least.

Last but not least, there's Uri, who's not quite as mysterious as his friends but is getting behind the console to show off his impeccable turntablist skills on Indian soil after a good 8 months. Suffice to say he's been missed. In all honesty, off late, the somewhat repetitive nature of weekly gig lineups in the city has been a bit grim. Here's hoping this gig sets the ball rolling upon a path less travelled.

9.30pm - 11pm: Johnny-B
11pm - 12am: FUNCinternational
12am - 1.15am: DJ Uri

Smash Up will take place in Lower Parel's Smaaash. Entry is Rs. 500 (cover), inclusive of 3 drinks and a starter.

Words: Mandovi Menon



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