Stream Tuesday: Hear The New Gold Panda, Airhead & Zomby LP's

4 June 2013

It was a standard Monday until one by one, three of the most exciting new age producers decided to put out their unreleased LP's up for stream. All on the same day.

The good folks over at NPR obviously have dibs on two of these brilliant LP's. First up is Gold Panda’s (pictured) new full-length, 'Half Of Where You Live', which officially hits shelves on 11 June.

We’ve been pretty excited about this project after hearing singles “Brazil” and “We Work Nights“, both of which are compelling listens, marking a new direction for this UK based producer. You can steam the new LP in full here.


1. Junk City II
2. An English House
3. Brazil
4. My Father In Hong Kong 1961
5. Community
6. S950
7. We Work Nights
8. Flinton
9. Enoshima
10. The Most Liveable City
11. Reprise

Next up is Rob McAndrews a.k.a Airhead, a childhood friend of James Blake who has worked in the studio with the likes of not only James but also Brian Eno. A real musician. His eagerly anticipated debut 'For Years' LP is out on 11 June via R&S Records and is sounding beautiful. You can hear it in full here.


1. Wait
2. Milkola Bottle
3. Callow
4. Masami
5. Pyramid Lake
6. Azure Race
7. Autumn
8. Fault Line
9. Lightmeters
10. Knives

Last but definitely not least, 'With Love' is the forthcoming double-disc LP from Zomby, which will be hitting stores in mid July via 4AD.

The first half of the double album is now available to stream and as predicted, is an absolute treat. With the first disc sounding so wildly eclectic, there's absolutely no telling what the second disc could hold and that excites us. You can stream the first disc in full here.


CD 1
1. As Darkness Falls
2. Ascension
3. Horrid
4. If I Will
5. Isis
6. It's Time
7. Memories
8. Orion
9. Overdose
10. Pray For Me
11. Rendezvous
12. The Things You Do
13. This One
14. Vanishment
15. VI-XI
16. VXV
17. 777

CD 2
1. Black Rose
2. Digital Smoke
3. Entropy Sketch
4. Glass Ocean
5. How To Ascend
6. I Saw Golden Light
7. Pyrex Nights feat. Last Japan
8. Quickening
9. Reflection In Black Glass
10. Shiva
11. Soliloquy
12. Sphinx
13. Sunshine In November
14. Vast Emptiness
15. White Smoke
16. With Love



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