Damian Lazarus To Play Exclusive Delhi Show Next Week

31 May 2013

"Since the moment he spun his first record, Damian Lazarus’s mission has been a clear and urgent one: to blow away the mediocre, the over-inflated, the obsolete; to seek out and celebrate the energetic, the important, the new. Always rebelling, always going places."

The leader of Crosstown Rebels - not just a label, but a globe-trotting party of some of the world's most exciting producers - which this year celebrated 10 independent years - Lazarus is in charge of an electronic music empire.

Known for his keen ear of finding some of the most cutting edge producers from across the globe, he belongs nowhere else, but in the HQ of a thriving underground record label. A year ago, the A&R guru, producer and DJ also began Lazpod, a monthly radio show that draws influences and inspirations from all corners of the musical spectrum. With many thousands of fans across the globe, Damian uses the show to let listeners in a little closer to his experimental and eclectic tastes.

His debut LP, Smoke The Monster Out, was another expectation-confounding gesture from this mastermind. Released via Berlin's Get Physical, the album boldly stepped outside the realm of what one might hear in a Lazarus DJ set. Featuring his own vocals and riding a vast plain of influences – Neil Diamond to Photek, Bjork to Jeff Buckley – Lazarus demonstrated his keen ear and attention to detail in a collection of varied tracks from a range of tempos.

A groundbreaking live set to accompany the album has also been built from scratch, enhancing different elements and including new club versions of the more introspective album material. Featuring decks, effects (no laptops) and a live visual show, it's been touring the globe relentlessly over the last year.

We're more than thrilled to see that he's playing exclusively at Delhi's Kitty Su on June 7, 2013. We're also pretty sure that this won't be the first Crosstown Rebels artist that'll be visiting India over the coming year. Happy days.



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