Mumbai's Thursday To-Do List: Art Night At Sakshi Art Gallery

9 May 2013

Every thursday, Sakshi Art Gallery and Alliance Francaise mark the night by curating and displaying short films in the downtown gallery. Given the masochism we tend to obliterate our senses (most notably, our livers) with over the weekend, it always provides the perfect mid-week break too.

Tonight, the culture-driven duo are presenting a series of award-winning French short films covering everything from Dystopia to a stylised depiction of Los Angeles. Films include classics like Hendrick Dusollier's 'Babel' which portrays the 'collision of a feudal past and glitzy modernity of China;' Alapont & Briceno's 'Fard' which envisions a 'dystopian future for human kind;' Bruno Collet's 'Le Petit Dragon,' an animated tribute to Bruce Lee and the very brief, 4-minute-long attempt by Joris Clerte to provide a brief history of motion pictures since their inception to the present day in 'Une Petite Histoire de l'image animee'.

Fair warning; the last time we turned up for their animated french film screening, some of the films lacked subtitles. And if you're still looking to start the weekend up early, you'll be left with plenty of time to catch up with Delhi's Tarqeeb for a high-octane drum n' bass set at Chez Moi's Boiler Bar Thursdays. Not too shabby for a Thursday night in the city of lights.

The film screenings start at 6.15pm at Colaba's Sakshi Art Gallery. You can call + 91 22 6610 3424 to reserve a seat. Entry is free.

Words: Mandovi Menon



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