Mumbai Gig Preview: Paralights' Debut At The Den

24 April 2013

We're not quite sure who did the convincing but post releasing a very well-received EP last year - it got him onto the end-of-the-year 'Top 10 producers to watch out for in 2013' list - but Paralights' (Ayan De) promises of serial, upcoming live sets weren't exactly lived up to. Blame his inherently workaholic nature if you will but either way, we bear good news, tonight marks their first gig at The Den's Mixtaped micro party. As a producer whose tunes wear that coveted crown (invisible as it may be) of 'being distinctive' effortlessly, audience anticipation is at its zenith. We caught up with De to see if we could scour up some insight into what to expect from it all.

"The gig's going to be a live one. While all the music and studio work is done by me I work alongside Suraj Manik (of Rosemary fame) on bass and Jash Reen on samples and live production for the live set up. However tonight, it'll just be Surah and I. All I can promise as far as tonight's set goes is that it'll be experimental to the point where I might be as surprised by it as the next guy or the guy adjacent to him. I'm pretty nervous... ok make that extremely nervous about it all but I'm definitely excited by both the fact that I'm finally taking this live and that it's in a small club environment. Although ideally, I'd like to take every piece of gear I own for a proper live set at some point in time." - Ayan De.

Ideally, we're itching to see that too.

Check out Ayan’s responses to Reji’s standard Quick 5 Interview and Microlist here.

Paralights will take the stage at Bandra's ‘The Den’ tonight. Gig starts at 10pm and entry is free.



Words: Mandovi Menon




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